Sunday, November 6, 2022

Christmas Tree Love and a Deal

Hey there! How are you? I'm doing good, just working and squeezing granddaughters on the regular!

Oh boy do I have some fun news for you!  I'm collaborating with King of Christmas Trees again this year and guess what?  I got this flocked tree this year and its already arrived!

That will be going up soon!

Don't yell at me, but I gotta show you these Christmas trees so you can get ready for your holiday decorating and not miss out on all the wonderful deals!

P.S. This photo is in a magazine, see it here!

This is my tree from last year at my old house.  It is the 7 foot King Noble Fir tree and its beautiful with no decorations at all, dontcha think?

As you can tell, all the kitty babies love the Christmas tree!  Piper does not like her picture taken, but she was happy to pose under the tree last year!

TREE SKIRT: This is the 48" Buffalo Plaid Ruffled Tree Skirt.  I have two of these and they are really nice quality for the price, less than $20!

I added my red vintage ornaments to my naked tree and it was all I needed to be happy with my beautiful tree!  In case you can't tell, red is my favorite color and when Christmas decorating time arrives, its red to the max!

If you want to have your home smelling like Christmas, get this candle and enjoy free shipping with each order!  Use code DDCAMP to save $$$ on your purchase too.


If you want to get in on the great Christmas tree deals, please use this link to go shopping.  Also, please stay tuned for my new tree coming along soon!  Eeeeep, I'm so excited to get it up!

If you loved any of these ideas and want to save them for later, be sure to pin it to your favorite Pinterest board.  I have a Pinterest board set up for all kinds of Christmas Decor ideas and it's called Cool YuleI'm pinning something new on Pinterest every day. Won't you join me?

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