Sunday, August 21, 2022

New Curtains with Tassels in the Living Room

Hello there! I am excited to say that we have some much needed rain and cooler temps on the way today!  I don't know about yall, but I am ready for cooler weather!  We Texans have had plenty of hot already this year! 

As you read in the title, I got new curtain for my living room!  They are so cute!  I believe I mentioned looking at them here.

I still can't get over how much light they let in!  The curtains I had in here before were left by the previous owners.  They were ok, but just not my style.  My new curtains have some fancy details, like tassels and a pretty stitching throughout that looks like they are plaid.  They are the Tassel Plaid Curtain Semi Blackout DrapesMine are in the color coffee.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot! We interrupt the story of my new curtains to let you know that I am in that Flea Market Decor magazine you see right there at the bottom of this picture.  Well, actually Hazel is in the magazine, I just took the picture of her.  I am very proud to be in a magazine again!

Shameless plug coming right up!😆

#28, that's us! I snapped that photo last Christmas before I moved out of my beautiful 100 year old home, The Texas Blue Bungalow.

Anyway, back to my new curtains!
The tassels are my favorite part.  I used (4) panels on each window.  I like for my curtains to be very gathered looking.  You can read all about the details on the curtains here.  I originally received four panels which I thought would do for both giant windows, 2 panels on each window, but I didn't like how it looked, so I used all four panels on one window and then ordered four more for the other window.

I found this beautiful velvet chair at Goodwill for $5 yall!  I couldn't get it in my car fast enough!  Zel thinks its his chair and loves lounging in it. I think it looks wonderful with my new curtains too!

Before I forget to tell you, I got my new curtains at  They have anything you can think of for decorating your home.  You can use my code TEXAS15 to save yourself $$$$ if you want to go shopping for new curtains too!

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  1. Your curtains are just beautiful and it goes well with the rest of the room. Thanks for linking up @Happiness Is Homemade and don't forget to link up @Home Matters Linky Party. Love to see your ideas. Congratulations on your featured Christmas room in Flea Market Decor Magazine!

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