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How to use a Vintage Door for a HeadBoard

Hey there! How ya doin'?

Remember in last week's post when I said I was making a headboard from a vintage door?  Well I made it!

Tah Dah!  I wanted to put a little shelf on top, but my talents don't extend that far yet, so maybe some other day.  For now I'm using my rose garland that I got on Amazon to make the top of it seem more finished off.

This is the door I used.  I LOVE the pretty green color.  I bought it for $20 about a year ago.  The door came out of a historic building in Weatherford, Texas.  The building now houses Edgewise Eight Brewing.  They have some excellent hand crafted brews if you're in the area!  The owner was kind enough to let me buy the door after I spotted it through an open door to the back storage area.

Anywhooooobs, let me show you how I made this headboard from a vintage door.

The door was very chippy, so I took some 220 grit sand paper to it using my mouse sander.  I don't really need paint chips in my bed now do I!

I scrubbed it with soapy water and rinsed all the dust and grime off of it.  I then let it dry in the sunshine for several hours.
I had to remove a portion of the bottom of the door.  For one, it was too long for the bed and two, it was kinda beat up!  How much you want to overhang on each side of your mattress is up to you, so reduce the length according to your liking.  I marked my cutting edge using a strip of painter's tape.

I used my circular saw to cut off the end of the door.  When using dangerous hand tools, BE CAREFUL and wear your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), you want to fully enjoy your new headboard in the end. Right?

I used my mouse sander again with 120 grit paper to smooth down the freshly cut edge.  I also distressed the front side because I like the distressed look.

From where I wanted the bottom of the headboard to the floor, it measured 27.25 inches.  I measured and marked this on my "legs".  The line I made went right on the bottom edge of the door.

I took my legs (2x4 boards) inside to my bed and using a pen, traced the holes where the bolts will attach to the bed frame  Then drilled the holes using a 5/16" drill bit.
My bolt assembly for attaching the headboard to the bed frame is as follows:
(1) 5/16" x 2 1/2" Bolt
(2) 5/16" Washer
(1) 5/16" - 18 Nut
You will need times (4) on all these or more if you have extra holes on your frame.
I cut the legs to reach from top to bottom of the door.  I left each leg a few inches away from the top.  I cut each leg at 55", but each door might be different, so measure your door accordingly.
NOTE: I had to stop what I was doing and go back to the lumber yard for MORE 2x4's.  I mis-measured the first time and made my legs too short.  MEASURE TWICE and CUT ONCE!
P.S. The lumber yard will more than likely cut your wood for you so it will fit in your car.....if you don't own a pickup truck. *wink*

I inserted each bolt into all the holes just to make sure they would fit before I attached the legs to the door.

I attached the legs, top and bottom, to the door using 2-1/2" zinc plated construction screws.  4 on the top and 4 on the bottom.

NOTE: In case any ladies want to know, I use the smaller Milwaukee Fuel drill because its very light weight and doesn't wear me out to use it.  It has multiple heads that you can switch out for different jobs.  Drilling holes, screwing in screws...etc.

I used a furniture clamp to hold my leg in place while I attached it to the door.  This method works great when you're working alone.

To get your leg placement correct, you will measure bolt hole to bolt hole on your bed frame plate.  Mine was 59 inches, but yours may differ, so be sure to measure.

Now to attach the new headboard to the bed frame.

I carried this beast up stairs into my house and narrowly squeezed me and the headboard, with its long legs, around a couple of turns to get to my bedroom.  It was heavy yall and I had to take a breather before I attached it to the bed. Whew!  Help, with muscles, is suggested to transport the finished product! lol!

I think I may go back and put felt on the feet of the leg just to keep it from scratching my floors.  I probably should have sanded the rough edges too, but I think I was overly excited to get it done and up and totally forgot that step!

I'm really enjoying it so far and I'm not even worried its going to fall on my head in the middle of the night because I feel like I did a pretty good job at putting it together!
Find my chenille bedspread HERE.

What do you think? Would you ever use an old door to make a headboard?  I'm thinking I'll be on the look out for another door to make a foot board now!

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  1. This is so unique! It looks beautiful as a headboard. Thanks for sharing it with us on Crafty Creators! I'll be featuring your post on Thursday's Crafty Creators. If you stop by & let me know if you're following me on social media I will set up a feature for you there as well. You can also come by & grab your "I was featured" button to display on your blog as well!

    1. Thanks so much sweet friend, I really appreciate the feature! :)

  2. The headboard looks great! Love your bed spread and the colors, so beautiful.


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