Sunday, May 30, 2021

Summer Patriotic Decor Ideas

Hello there!  The house is still for sale, no bites yet!  It'll happen when it should I guess.

Since the house is now showing for that potential buyer, I have to stay very simplistic in my decorating.  Not my normal decor style at all.  I normally cram it all in there, as much as I can.  I've already packed up so many of my treasures that there is no way for me to goop it all up, even if I wanted to.

This flag came with the house.  She was in an out building just hanging there all dusty and sad.  I brought her in, cleaned her up and now she's proudly being displayed on the living room mantle.

Full view of the fireplace and mantle.  Very minimal for me but I really like it!

My little collection of blue Ball jars with zinc lids makes a great focal point, dontcha think?

I found this table on the curb and made it over.  I guess they put it to the curb because the finish was coming off the wood and it looked awful.  I just painted it and now its awesome!

Here's the little patriotic centerpiece I created for the table.  This is my normal, lots of stuff in one spot!

I added a flag pillow and two red pillows to the couch as well as this new throw I got recently.

Look how pretty it is with its fringe!  I love a good soft throw with some type of trimming on it!  You can find it right here.

Now into the dining room.  For some reason I didn't take a picture of the entire room, but here's the place setting.  I used my favorite dishes from the Pioneer Woman line.

And the centerpiece for the table.

The coffee station got a patriotic makeover too.  I just added lots of red, white and blue stuff to go with my coffee tin collection.

I even added a red, white and blue coffee tin stack to be even more festive!

How about a camp coffee pot with greenery and flags? Perfect for a coffee station!

Straws.  Do you like paper straws?  I do not.  They have a strange texture when trying to actually use them.  I do however love to decorate with them!  I have lots of every color!  They are cheap decor!

Did you know that you can find free printables on Pinterest?  I found this one lots of years ago, printed it out on card stock and popped it into this little frame I found at Goodwill.  Perfect little decor item for cheap!

Now out on the patio.  The day I created this little scene, it had been raining for days and then the sun finally came out.  I took full advantage of soaking up some vitamin D that day.

These are my helpers when I'm in the back yard.  This is Max and back there is Leo.  They were enjoying the shade of the table because it was hot that day!

Place setting for the outdoor table.  Basically like inside, just slightly different.

Oh this front porch is beautiful and I sure am going to miss it! Keep scrolling to see where these buntings ended up.

I don't know if you know it or not, but I love the red, white and blue season! It's my second favorite holiday to decorate for!  I'm pretty sure I've told you that before.

My beloved Campfire Marshmallow tin!  I searched high and low for one that I could afford.  This was is a big one, is missing its lid and it was a bit spendy, but so worth it!  It's perfect for RWB season!

 This porch is so fun to decorate!

I even have morning glories that traveled with us from Clover house here and are growing.  Yep, I'm gonna miss this house!

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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