Sunday, July 5, 2020

Using All Natural Plates in Your Tablescapes

Hello there!  I've been sharing for this amazing company since last year. That company is the Kijani Company and they are so wonderful to work with.  These plates are 100% compostable, made from fallen palm leaves, sturdy and really beautiful! Each one is different from the next and that’s what is so fun about them.  As you can see,  I used them in my 4th of July table setting this year. Why not have a fancy table even if you’re serving hot dogs!?
This is not your average paper plate, no ma'am!  They are super sturdy and can hold lots of food without the fear of the plate giving away and you making a complete and total mess! Nope, you're NOT going to have to worry about that at your next party!
Just look how beautiful they are too!  Each one is its own original.  You can use these plates in a relaxed setting or dress it up like I have here by adding a beautiful dessert plate and a festive napkin.
My centerpiece base is actually a wreath I made.  You can find the how-tos RIGHT HERE.
Just imagine some yummy grilled hot dogs with chips and dip and then to finish the meal off, a yummy patriotic parfait!
Kijani offers three different sizes of these wonderful plates.  You can see them HERE.
Let me know down below in the comments if you've tried these plates.  I'd love to hear what you think about them!

Here are a few more ideas for other celebrations for you. Enjoy! :)

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