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How to Paint Chairs the Easiest Way

Remember here when I painted my dining room table and I told you we were missing a chair?  I searched and searched with no luck.  Well, my Mama reminded me that our chairs from my childhood were pretty much just like mine? "Oh yeah", I said!  Luckily My sweet Mama keeps everything and she still had two chairs that were usable.  Score!
Here is our lovely farmhouse fresh table and chairs and I love how they turned out so much!  I seriously don't know why I didn't do this sooner!  You can see how I did the table right here.
So here's the finished table with our mis-matched chairs.  After the table makeover I wanted to get the chairs done ASAP!  For one, I didn't like that all the chairs didn't match and two, the chairs and table top were way off in color now and it seriously bugged me!
Here's one of our chairs and one of Mama's chairs.  Can you see the slight differences?  They are pretty close so I chose to use two of ours and two of Mama's so that there was somewhat of a uniform situation going on around the table.

I really like these chairs right here, but the expense of new chairs just wasn't in the budget right now! So cute though!
Mama's chairs and our chairs all needed a bit of sturdying up, so I got out my Gorilla Wood Glue and got to work!  You can see how I did that right here.
The first thing I did was to clean each chair really well with Murphy's soap and warm water.  After I made sure they were dry, I got to work with first applying the primer.
Zinsser Primer is the best in my opinion, I've used it on so many of my painting projects and it never fails me.
After brushing the primer on the first chair, I was seriously wondering what I had gotten myself into.  There were so many nooks and crannies on these chairs and it took me what seemed like forever to do one chair.
But I pushed on and did the other three.  At this rate this project was going to take me days!  I'm about the most impatient person you'll ever meet and I wanted them done now! :)

About a week prior, I had asked my honey bun if I could used the paint sprayer to paint these chairs and he said it would be no problem, but I had never used the sprayer before and he was busy doing other things, so.........
We got out our sprayer and assembled it.  We (he) has already used this little guy so much to do so many things inside our home!  It was inexpensive and it works great!  Its the Graco Spraystation 3900 that we purchased at Lowe's several years ago.  Here's one I found online that is pretty close to this one we have.  Now for the paint.
Of course I used the same paint I used on the table base.  I chose, Olympic ONE.  It's a paint and primer all in one.  I got it from Lowe's and the color is Atrium White.  It's an interior flat paint.  I chose flat because I knew I was going to distress it and make it look old and worn and also the sealer I use has a slight satin finish to it.
My honey was sweet enough to stop what he was doing and create a spray station for me in our little tool shed and then demonstrate for me.
Next, I gave it a whirl!  It's way easier than I expected and now I'm hooked and want to paint all the things!  Just follow the directions that come with your machine as to how to operate the sprayer and get the best results for your project.  I did thin my paint ever so slightly with water to make it easier to spray on.  I set a timer for 15 minutes to let it dry, then I was able to move them back over to the patio for the next step.
The sprayer was so much faster than brushing on the paint and the end result was flawless!  I'm going to be using this prayer from now on!
Spray painted on the left and primer only on the right.  Huge difference!

Now for the distressing which will also match the table base.To see my method of applying the glaze. click right here.
Here's my choice for distressing.  It's another product I've used a lot in my past projects.  Valspar Antiquing glaze in Asphaltium.  It's a blackish gray color.
On the left is just plain old paint, which is lovely, but I preferred to distress mine to match the table base.  The distressed chair is obviously on the right.
All distressed and ready for a sealer.  You do not want to skip the sealer step because normally chairs are used on the daily and will get lots of handling and torture, especially if you have kids!
Here's the sealer I used.  I like this Valspar Clear Protector for faux finishes.  It seriously looks like glue and dries quickly and it last!
Like my "new" pantry screen door, I can't stop admiring my "new" table and chairs either!  I love them!  What color would you paint your dining room table and chairs?

If you want to see some video of the process of making over our table and chairs, go visit my Instagram ddcamp170 and find the tab in my profile that says "Farmhouse".  Please give me a follow while you're there! :)

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. They look good. I love your kitchen.

  2. The new look is great! It all came together nicely. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning.

  3. Your painting project will be one of my EASY features on next weeks OVER THE MOON LINK PARTY which goes live on Sunday at 5pm central. Please stop by to see all the easy features and link up again.
    :) gwingal

  4. The chairs came out great. And you are so right, chairs are really hard to brush by hand with all of those nooks and crannies.

  5. I love your newly painted chairs. They turned out great! Thanks so much for stopping by the Homestyle Gathering Link Party and sharing your inspiration with us. I look forward to seeing what other projects you do. I've always wondered how hard painting chairs would I know to use the spray paint route. Looks so much easier!!:)

    1. Thank you so much RitaJoy! Yes! Spray painting the chairs was a breeze! It was my pleasure to join in on your new adventure! Have a great day! :)

  6. Lovely chairs, DeeDee (my sister's name... I couldn't pronounce Diane and it came out "DeeDee" and stuck) ;-). Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering! Hope to see you tomorrow!

    1. Hi Julie! Thank you! Yes, my Mama named me an extremely long name and my Daddy shortened it and then when I started school my Mama added the Es so I had an actual name to learn to write! lol! I'll be there tomorrow! :)

  7. They are the way to go whenever you're covering lots of ground. If you are curious to know more about airless sprayer, check here.


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