Sunday, November 1, 2020

Our Guest Bathroom Makeover

Hello there! How are you?

I did this bathroom makeover way back in August but I'm just now sharing it here on the blog. Ya know how it is!

Anyway, there are lots of things that I would have done differently in this bathroom, but it looks to be a fairly new update, so we're going with what we have to work with, for now.  A fresh coat of paint never hurt anything, right!

This was one of the photos from the real estate listing when we were house searching. Whoa, that's a really bright and happy color, but not for us!

Let's get started!  This is actually the same paint color that I used in the man cave makeover that I haven't showed you yet either! lol!  Coming soon though!

I always like to line my paint tray with foil for easy clean up.  I also used a foam roller, my handy angle brush and of course some painter's tape to keep paint from getting on things that don't need paint on them!

This paint is from Home Depot and its really nice to work with and very affordable too.  I always grab the paint and primer paint because it takes two coats and your done!

As you can see, the entire bathroom has this wood paneling on the walls.  Whoever installed the paneling was not as picky as I would be and did not seal the cracks and crevices with caulk.  Gaping cracks drives me crazy and makes your nice clean paint job look unfinished.

 As I kept painting it was obvious that I would have to fill the cracks to make my paint job look complete.

NOTE: For the actual painting process, I used my paint brush to paint the "cracks" in the paneling, then used the roller to finish it up.  You can see that best in this photo.

When I'm speaking of filling cracks with caulk, I'm not talking about the cracks/lines in the paneling.  I mean the corner cracks and the top up there were the walls meet the ceiling.  Big cracks, I don't like it at all! Lets fill those up with paintable caulk!

This photo is after two coats of paint.

Sorry, I couldn't show you how my caulk process goes, but I use a paintable caulk that we get at Home Depot.  I run a small thin bead along the crack and then smooth it out with my finger.  I also keep a damp rag with me in case the caulk goes a little off course!

As you can see here, it's filling the cracks nicely!  After it dries completely (I wait a good hour) I paint over it and them you never know it was there!

See! No more big crack in the corner to distract from the pretty new paint!

And now, some Fall decor to liven it up in here!

I found these amber jars on Amazon.  There were six in the case for an excellent price.  Click here if you need some too!

I also got my amber soap dispenser on Amazon too, click here for those.  Thanks so much for stopping by to see me!

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. I like it much more than the bright blue.

  2. Very pretty. I really like what you did. Looks so much brighter and bigger

    1. Hi Judy! I thought it looked bigger too! Thanks so much sweet lady! :)

  3. Love your bathroom remodel. Great job as always. Hope all is well have not received a post in a while.

    1. Hi Judy! Thank you so much!Please see my most recent post for all the details about where I've been! :)


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