Sunday, October 14, 2012

Part 2: Wall Repairs and Paint of Our Laundry Room

Happy Sunday!

We are moving right along with the laundry room redo. Although its taking longer than we'd like for it to, it is getting closer to being done soon.  Being rookies does have its fall backs for sure!
The picture above is what we have so far. The tile is laid and the walls are patched and painted a lovely shade of blue. I'm having the hardest time capturing the actual beautiful blue color we have though.  Just in case you're interested its called By The Sea from Lowe's.
This is what we started with. See that faux soffit above the cabinets?  My honey removed that so we would have more room for storage later.
After the cabinets and soffit came down and everything was removed from our tiny laundry room, we were left with this awful looking mess! Eeeew!
After my honey did extensive patching work, textured the wall and ceiling and revamped the water connections we were ready for paint.  I taped off the ceiling so we could get to rolling on the lovely blueness!  Funny: Look closely to the left of the water connections and you can see where we drew the washer dryer on the wall in pencil just for fun! Ha!
Of course I helped too, but I'm the only one who stopped to snap pictures of the painting process! Heehee!  In this picture above he's actually putting on the second and final coat of paint.  We used the all in one primer and paint from Lowe's.  It's awesome stuff.
It's looking more and more beautiful every step of the way.  See that louvered panel back there covering the water connections?  My honey made that access door from one of the shutters we removed from the bay window in the dining room.  I love recycling!  More about that later!

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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