Sunday, October 28, 2012

Part 3: Building the Cabinets of our Laundry Room

We've finally got the cabinets built and installed into the laundry room! YAY!  It did take a little while because this was the very first time my honey has ever built cabinets. 

I'm sure a professional cabinet builder would pick them apart on what's done right and wrong, but I think he did a fine job for a first time cabinet builder! Yeppers, he's cool like that!
The picture above is missing knobs, stain and shelves on the lower cabinet, but we've added all that as well now...just keep scrolling down.  It's so nice to have a folding station again. Woohoo!
First he built the tall cabinet and then added the drawers and doors, painted it and I stained it to give it that vintage look we both love.  The tall cabinet houses my broom, mops and electric sweeper in a slide out compartment. Coolness!
Next is the folding station.  The right hand side will house two laundry baskets which I still need to get (all picked out HERE).  The counter top is from Lowe's, it is Wilsonart Laminate in Madura Gold.  It has a very slight texture to it and the waterfall finish on the front and the back splash just gives it a special look.  This is the same counter tops that will go into the kitchen as well.
My honey added a much needed light under the shelves for my clothes folding pleasure.  Ha!  Speaking of the shelf, it was one of the original cabinets that we cut down and added a crown trim to the top of and then reinstalled so I would have a place to display all my little vintage goodies as well as storage of the normal laundry room items.  He also added a new outlet above the counter top in case I need to oh you know plug up the iron and iron something. Wait till you see my ironing board storage station....coming soon!

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. wow wow wow wow...i so want my laundry room love love..

  2. Love your laundry room! What color paint/stain did you do on the cabinets? I only have one cabinet in my laundry room, but I like the color of yours and think it might work in there. :-)

  3. You and the dear husband did a spectacular job!!! Love it.


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