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Dreaming in Red, White, and Blue: Patriotic Bedroom Decor

Hey there, How yall doin? Are you ready for the fourth of July celebrations?  I am!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary—a place of relaxation, comfort, personal expression and my favorite room in my house. What better way to infuse it with a sense of pride and love for your country than by incorporating patriotic decor? A patriotic-themed bedroom can create a serene and inspiring space where you wake up every morning feeling connected to your nation's heritage. In this blog post, I'm going to explore how to transform your bedroom into a patriotic haven, with ideas that range from subtle touches to bold statements, ensuring your space reflects your love for your country.

 Colors that Sing Patriotism - The good ole red, white and blue

When it comes to a patriotic bedroom, color is key. Incorporate the classic hues of red, white, and blue throughout your space to create a cohesive and patriotic atmosphere. Introduce pops of red and blue through bedding, curtains, pillows, and rugs. By balancing these colors harmoniously, you can achieve a visually striking and patriotic ambiance.

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Symbolic Bedding and Linens - This quilt though

Make a patriotic statement with your bedding and linens. Look for duvet covers, quilts, comforters, or bedspreads adorned in the colors of our nation. These symbols not only showcase your love for your country but also add a touch of visual interest to your bedroom. Alternatively, choose solid-colored bedding in red, white, or blue and layer them to create a captivating look. Incorporate patriotic-themed accent pillows and throws to complete the ensemble.

Wall Art and Murals - Hey there Uncle Sam

Transform your bedroom walls into a canvas of patriotism by incorporating wall art and murals that celebrate your nation's heritage. Hang framed vintage posters, prints, or paintings that depict iconic landmarks, historical figures, or patriotic quotes. You can also create a stunning focal point by installing a large-scale mural showcasing your country's flag or emblem. These visual elements will immerse you in a sense of national pride and make a bold statement in your bedroom.

Personalized Touches - Toilet Paper Rockets and Red Roses

Add a personal touch to your patriotic bedroom by displaying items that hold sentimental value and reflect your connection to your country. Showcase family photographs featuring loved ones who have served in the armed forces or images capturing moments of national significance. Consider framing letters, postcards, or documents that hold historical importance. These personal mementos will not only add character to your space but also remind you of the sacrifices and achievements of those who came before us.

Transforming your bedroom into a patriotic haven is a beautiful way to celebrate your love for your country and create a space that is uniquely yours. From colors that sing patriotism to symbolic bedding, personalized touches, thematic accessories, and thoughtful window treatments, there are endless possibilities to infuse your bedroom with a sense of national pride. So, let your bedroom become a sanctuary where you can dream in red, white, and blue—a space that reflects your love for your country and serves as a constant reminder of the values and aspirations that unite us all.


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  1. Beautiful photos!! Thanks so much for sharing all of your lovely ideas with us!!

    1. Aww, thank you so much for the kind words!

  2. Hi, you have a lovely collection of fabrics and all the artwork. I love old prints and snitch things off the internet to use here and there when I decorate. Coming from LOULOU"S and enjoying your post. I will try and follow, Sandi

    1. Hi Sandi! Thanks so very much for your wonderful comment!

  3. DeeDee, I couldn't agree more. It is a unique way to celebrate our military service members!! I was really glad to share your post at last week's Share Your Style #395 for you. Really pretty in your bedroom and I love your fluffy kitty!!! She or he is forever immortalized on my Animal Friends board on Pinterest, as is your lovely patriotic bedroom (I pin each week to SYS board there).

    Happy summer hugs,
    Barb :)

    1. Hi Barb! Thank you so much sweet friend, I truly appreciate all you kind words and the pins too! :)


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