Sunday, May 1, 2022

My Patio Garden Tips

Hey there, happy May Day!

I hope all is well with you!  The weather is warming up and I am loving it!

Who's ready for Summer and all of the red, white and blue? Me, I am!!!!

Welcome to my patio garden!  A lot of my plants have moved right along with me, from one house to the next.  All of the pretty blooms you're about to see came mostly from bargain racks.  I think I've only paid full price for maybe two of my new plant babies so far this season.

Most of my bargain blooms came from Walmart's Clearance Rack.  I'd say most of them were about half price and all they really needed was some TLC.  Sometimes they are just over or under watered and need to be treated properly.

So many pretty Spring colors in these blooms.  This is a Cotton Candy Creeping Flox.  I've never had one of these, but half price plants get my attention every time!

This Western Sword Fern is something I've also never had before.  I paid full price for him because look! He's so beautiful!  Don't all plants look prettier in old buckets hanging out with vintage goodness?  Yes, yes they do!  This gas can was my Papaw's and I love it!

Lots of pretty Petunias blooming right now.

These pansies had no blooms when I got them so I didn't know what color I was getting.  Surprise, they're beautiful!  The gorgeous green planter with hair pin legs was my Mamaw's.  So far it's lived through me moving a million times and I'm very happy about that.  I'd be heartbroken if it got ruined.  That's a Fox Tail Fern growing in there.

This Southwestern Mock Vervain was REALLY dry when I got it, its looking way different now that it has a new home and some yummy good rain water on the regular!

Speaking of rain water, do you catch your rain water and use it for your plants?  You should, it's the best to water all your plant babies with.


I just use an old wash tub with my gutter down spout directed into it for catching rain water.

I replaced the round tub with my big oblong tub to catch more water.  Look at the roses that are now bloomed out!

We are supposed to get more rain tonight so I need to go get my current supply of water poured up into buckets so I can catch more!


As you can tell, I love old vintage goodies to decorate with.  Mostly because I like looking at them while I sit out on the patio.

These are all fake plants, but let me show you some of my pretties.  Gas cans, paint cans and old rake heads.  Please tell me you think these rusty gems are pretty or we can't be friends! Lol! I'm just kiddin'!

The eucalyptus garland lights up.  It's on a battery operated timer to come on in the evening.

I just adore this old rusty minnow bucket and its rusty stringer.  Both this picture and the one above are from my Instagram page.  Just so you know, I don't leave the vintage doilies outside.  Again, the flowers are fake, so they can stay outside.

And the whole picture.  I hope to have every nook and cranny filled with pretty plants and vintage goodness, but that take time.

Let's go over our patio garden tips now:

TIP ONE:  Buy plants off the clearance rack!

TIP TWO: Surround your plants with vintage goodness to make them happier! *wink*

TIP THREE: Catch rain water to water your plant babies with, they like it better!

TIP FOUR: Do what makes YOU happy!

One night time picture to show you my pretty solar path lights by Gigalumi.  CLICK HERE to save 15% off of your order of anything on their website.  THESE are the ones I have.

I plan on making this area into a flower bed too.  Just haven't got that far yet.  Rome wasn't built in a day, right!

Here's a little night time action I just happened to catch.

These are the patio lights I'm using.  They are solar powered because I don't have any electrical outlets on my patio.  They are very nice quality for the price.  Find them here.  They give off a warm glow and have 8 different modes or settings.  I really just like the steady glow and don't really use the dancing modes so far.  Maybe some day.

One more thing before I go, I had the pleasure to work with Far & Wild Essential Oils.

*They are NON-MLM! - easy ordering direct from their website without any membership fees or monthly minimums typically associated with essential oils

*They offer direct to consumer pricing! They beat MLM pricing across the board on pretty much every one of their products (DoTerra, Young Living etc)

They are awesome to work with and their oils are fabulous!  Of the oils pictured here, SOOTHE is my favorite to diffuse.  But, for outside on the patio, you really need to grab some Lemongrass oil.  It will keep those Texas sized mosquitoes off of you!  Trust me!

Please use my code DEEDEE20 to receive 20% off your order of anything on their website.  CLICK HERE to start shopping.

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  1. Hi Dee Dee. I'm coming over from Follow the Yellow Brick Home. Love love your patio garden with all the wonderful plants and vintage goodies. Your picnic baskets and garden tools are all so fun. W'ed love you to come to our All About Home Link Party on Monday evenings.

    1. Hi Debra! Thank you so very much sweet friend!

  2. All clever ideas and such cute areas! I'm featuring this tomorrow on Farmhouse Friday. Thanks for linking up. Hope you do it again soon. pinned

    1. Hey Cindy! Awww, thanks so much my sweet friend! I truly appreciate you!

  3. Such cute ideas Dee Dee. Hope you're enjoying your spring. Featuring this tomorrow. Hope you link up again. pinned

    1. Hi Cindy, yes I will be linking up again! Thank you!


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