Sunday, May 29, 2022

Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath

Hello there! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Are you celebrating for Memorial Day already?  I am, well I'm always ready for the red, white and blue season! It's my favorite!

Do you like to make dollar store crafts?  Me too!

This wreath is pretty small, but makes a real impact in my dining room.  I have it hanging on my chalkboard to show it off.

Let's make a Dollar Tree wreath!

You will need:

1 - 8" wire wreath form

2 - Patriotic Scarves

Burlap ribbon



It's about 11" in diameter when finished. It could be larger or smaller if your fabric loops/bubbles are different than mine.

STEP 1:  Tie one corner of the scarf to the wreath form.

STEP 2: Pull small loops/bubbles of the scarf up through the form, alternating sections.  Continue around, tying off the first scarf, adding the second scarf and then tie off.

It should look like this when you have both scarves on the wreath form.


STEP 3: Tie a bow using burlap ribbon and raffia.


Use the center wire on the wreath form to string the twine through.


STEP 4: Add the bow to the open section of the wreath with twine. 

Use the extra length of twine for hanging.

That's it, I hope you like it!

I hope I've inspired you to gather up your red, white and blue goodies and get to decorating soon! After all, the fourth of July is coming up soon!

Check out my last post right here to see more of my red, white and blue decor.

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