Sunday, March 21, 2021

An Easter Spin on Deviled Eggs - How to Make Deviled Egg Chicks

Hey there!  We are just days away from Easter now and I have a fun idea for your Easter lunch this year!

My granddaughters are going to love this! Let's make Deviled Egg Chicks!

Deviled eggs are a staple at our Easter lunches. We love them!  There are many ways to make deviled eggs, but this is how we like them.


Eggs - 18

Mayo - 1/2 cup

Mustard - 1 tsp

Sweet Relish - 1/4 cup

Sometimes I sprinkle a little dried dill too!

I don't normally measure my ingredients, I just add a little of each and mix together, but above is my guesstimate of ingredients for you.

  1. Boil eggs (I add 1/4 tsp of baking soda to the boiling water to help peeling easier). Bring to a full rolling boil for 5 minutes, turn off heat and cover for 20 minutes.  Cool in an ice bath, peel and rinse off.
    Slice eggs in half (in the middle of the egg instead of the normal lengthwise) remove yolk into a bowl and then place the empty eggs whites on an egg tray or platter.
  2. With a fork, mash the egg yolks you placed in the bowl.  Add Miracle Whip, mustard and sweet pickle relish. Blend well.
  3. Transfer the mixture to fill your egg halves with using a zip lock baggie (see below). Fill each half with the mixture.
  4. Add a triangle shaped piece of carrot for the beak and tiny pieces of black olive for the eyes.  Optional: Use peppercorns or tiny dots of black gel icing for the eyes.

NOTE: Photos below are me making a small batch (test run) for my hubs and I.

You can certainly use your adorable deviled eggs for decor on your Easter table, but they probably wont last long, or at least at my house they don't!

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  1. your deviled eggs are so cute. great job in the decorating. I find that the hardest part and you nailed it!!

    I found the perfect spot to hide my Easter Eggs! This easy yeast dough bread ring will be a real hit on the Holiday!

    1. Hi Marilyn! Aww, thanks so much my sweet friend, I appreciate it! :)

  2. My recipe is very similar to yours. I love deviled eggs and will be making them this weekend. You have inspired me to try to have fun with it and make them look like chicks. So fun. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

    1. Hi Donna! I hope your deviled eggs turned out great! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


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