Sunday, March 3, 2019

How to Use Farmhouse Pillow Covers in Your Decor

Do you have a throw pillow problem? Do you feel like you need throw pillows anonymous? I feel like I'm slowly getting to that point with my fun pillow covers I've discovered! lol :)

Back in November of last year I found Three Little Momma's online shop via Instagram and now I'm proud to say that I've been given the honor of being a TLM enthusiast!  I was so excited when I found out this news!

So, if you like throw pillows but you don't like having to figure out how to store them when you're not using them, keep reading because I have a deal for YOU!
This is the current look in my living room.  The red buffalo check pillow cover ($14.99) you see here was my very first purchase.  I bought two of them because they were having a BOGO sale.  They are always having sales!  The Let's Stay Home cover (on sale for $8.99) is my most recent purchase, well, before I got two more for Spring, but they aren't quite here yet, I'll keep you posted.

Note: You will see the red check pillows and Hazel a lot in this post!
You will be surprised at the variety of pillow covers TLM offer in the shop and they are always getting new ones in too.  They just released their Spring Line on Friday.
You can use these pillow covers in so many different ways.  This was this past Christmas and of course, there's Hazel!
Here on the right are two more covers that I got at Christmas time. So cute! 
This was my purchase for Valentines Day.  This is a lumbar pillow cover.  Yes, they have that size too!
From here I'll just show you a few ways I used my pillow covers through the seasons.  I'l also show you some of my other pillows that are so hard to store.

Of course this is Christmas again.  I added a cute long pillow that I found at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  The large pillows are just our regular pillows with canvas gift bags draped over them.
The green checked pillow is actually a place mat that I found at Target a few years ago and turned it into a pillow.  Cute!
As you can see, this was Valentines Day and I just used the red checked covers by themselves on the couch.
This is a faux fur pillow I got at Target a few years back.  I use it a lot in the winter months.  It's an actual pillow, not a cover.
This is another one of my favorite pillows for the holidays.  Its plush and perfectly matches our buffalo check quilt.  Its an actual pillow as well, not a cover.
One more lumbar pillow, the American Flag I have that I use for 4th of July and Memorial Day times.  Also an actual pillow and not a cover.
This is a tiny little Easter Bunny pillow that I found at CVS one year, again a real pillow and not a cover.
These actual pillows are hard to store when not in use.  It's like a game of Jinga in my decor closet!
The pillow covers on the other hand are able to be stored easily.  Just remove them from your pillow form, fold them up and stack them neatly in a 9x9 space.  I'm pretty sure that means I can buy even more, right?! :)
This black ticking stripe pillow cover is wonderful!  It goes so well with the Let's Stay Home cover.  To be honest, a lot of their covers can be paired or grouped and look lovely together. Their Spring line is to die for and I "need" all of them!
Now for the deal I told you about:
Do you like my Let's Stay Home Pillow cover or my Sweet Bunny Pillow cover? Get yourself one too (or anything you like) by clicking right here! Use my special discount code DD20 for 20% off your order.
NOTE: The Bundle Box is excluded from this offer and you're limited to a one time use of my code per customer.  HURRY on over because they just released their Spring line and its going fast!  Please tell them DeeDee sent you! HURRY, my code stops working @ 5pm MST on March 15, 2019!

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!
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  1. I love these! I'm just itching to use pillows in my decor. I'm drooling over these. Someday the downstairs renovation will be done (or at least the floor part) and I'll feel like it's clean enough to have pillows around. :) With 6 kids, pillows don't exactly stay on the couch. :)

    I'm pinning this for later! :)


    1. Oh awesome! Thank you so much! Just a reminder that my discount code runs out March 15th, so hurry and grab a few if you can! :)

  2. So many great ideas, DeeDee! Is that a baker's cabinet (Hoosier) in your dining area? I love the color of the doors... is that a light coral? Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering!

    1. Thank you so much Julie! Yes ma'am, its an old Hoosier and its actually orange and green, the sunlight coming in is washing it out in this picture. It's the very first gift my honey ever gave me, obviously I knew he was a keeper then! :)

  3. I love pillow covers and you have some great ones. So happy to feature you at today's TFT party. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Awww, thank you so very much Amber! What a sweet surprise! :)

  4. So adorable! All the pillows are so cute, and you have such a great sense of style! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate It!

    1. Aww, thank you so much Teri! It is s o fun to decorate with them! :)


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