Sunday, January 13, 2019

Instagram Top 9 for 2018

Do you Instagram?  I do and I love it!  I have my top 9 post from my Instagram account here today to share with you.  I think its always fun each year to look back and see what pictures people liked the most.  I always know that if I post a picture of our kitchen, it will get LOTS of love each time.  Every time!  This top nine shows that for sure!  I guess people love kitchens!
Five out of the nine pictures is of our kitchen.  I love my kitchen too, its my favorite room in the house for sure!
This little wagon is on our front porch.  Its one of my favorite finds.  We literally found it on the side of the road. Why would someone toss this out?  Don't they know this is a highly sought after treasure? Duh!
Our Christmas kitchen at its finest!  Do you decorate your kitchen for Christmas?  It seems fitting to me since its where we spend most of our time.
I found this cute little camper at Target and then the little truck from Big Lots this past Christmas. So much fun!  Check out this cute camper right here.  And this truck is a great price too!
This space in our kitchen has slowly turned into our coffee station and we love it!  Did you know that I collect Pioneer Woman? I do! I have lots of it.  I think I love it so much because its so colorful and it all matches.  I think this drawer set is adorable too!
This sign was my favorite project for the holidays.  I've wanted this sign for so long and I finally have it now.  See that post here.
Looking back at these pictures I can tell what season it was by my decor.  This happens to be around Easter time.  The yellow Scentsy warmer is my hint.  Look how cute this one is!
Again, I can tell its Summer by the watermelon Scentsy warmer.  You can still get it right here!
And another Summer time shot!  Look right here for what our table and chairs look like now.
This little pumpkin project was very well received on our blog and Instagram.  Read about it right here.

That's it, my top nine on Instagram.  Please come on over to Instagram and follow along with me @ddcamp170.  I'm also a host for the hashtag #colormefarmhouse where we pick a featured co-host each week.  I'd love to see you join us.

If you missed it a couple of weeks back,  I spoke about a health scare I had and I'd love for you to read about it so it doesn't happen to you!  Click right here to read all about it.

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!
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  1. I have Instagram, but only use it to see pictures of my niece on my sisters page.
    Your house is looking fantastic.

    Happy week.

    1. Thanks so much, I hope to see you over on IG sometime! :)

  2. These are all such great pictures. I love them all! I love Instagram too, but I need to use it more! Thanks for sharing at Celebrate it!

  3. Thank you so much Teri! I hope to see you on IG some time! :)

  4. It's definitely fun to look back and see what resonated with people! I LOVE the wagon! So fun. And I can see why your kitchen gets a lot of attention. It's definitely Instagram worthy! Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

  5. Awww, thank you so much Amy, that is so sweet of you to say! My kitchen is my favorite room in the house, for sure! :)


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