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Create a Bedroom Accent Wall - How to Cover a Light Switch

I wanted a little change in our bedroom but currently, we're on a tight budget.  To keep from spending money, I went shopping in what I already had on hand.  When it comes to decor, shop your home first is the best policy!
Since its close to Valentine's Day, I decided to go with the "love" theme.  I can always change it up, but all in all, this theme is always good for our bedroom.  Another thing I always try to do when decorating our bedroom is not to make it too girlie.  I don't want my honey bun to feel like the room is not his too.
I know, you're jealous because YOU don't have 1980's blue carpet in your bedroom huh! lol!  This is the space I'm working with.  See that light switch? We never touch it.  It's in the "on" position at all times because the light is on our ceiling fan and it came with a remote control.  Fancy huh? My honey is all about the techy stuff!  Anyways, since we don't use the switch, I'm going to decorate over it.  How you ask? Keep reading!
But first, let's get started on some things that need some drying time.  I got these wooden letters quite some time ago at Michael's for $2.99 each. As you see on the left, they started out plain white so I added a little bit of shiny color to them.  The spray paint color is Pewter Gray in gloss.
I also grabbed a few frames and painted them in the same high gloss paint color.  When I see these decorative frames at yard sales, I grab them because I'll always need a frame for something!
Next, I cut out all of the paper hearts using my Heart Shaped Spellbinders Nestabilities Dies.  This is the largest heart in the set.  I have some old law books that we got at an auction one time and I just use one of those for my paper crafting needs.  I cut out a bunch of these and I was able to put several pages through my Cuttlebug at once to speed the process along.
Now, here's how I covered over the light switch we don't ever use.

You're probably wondering why I used Velcro for this.  I used Velcro because I was worried about using screws due to the close proximity of the electric wiring and MOSTLY because I don't want to shock myself trying to make my wall look pretty!

I grabbed our giant box of industrial Velcro (we use this stuff all the time) and also went to our scrap wood and cut two small pieces of wood.  They are about a 1/2" thick by 8" long, my frame is an 8 x 10 size.  Using scissors you don't mind getting sticky, cut several pieces of Velcro to stick the wood to the wall.  Peel one side off and stick to the wood pieces, then peel the other side off and stick to the wall near what you're covering up.  Lastly, add Velcro to the front of the wood and then add your framed artwork.
Here's the frame on the wood pieces.  No matter how you walk around the area, you can't really see the wood pieces unless you get right at this angle here and then lay your head against the wall. lol!
CRINGE ALERT!  I'm using my desk stapler to add the paper hearts to the wall. lol!  I used this same technique right here and right here for two other accent walls I created.
Here's the finished look.  I kinda "love" it, haha, did you see what I did right there?  For the framed art, I find cute stuff on Etsy or I find free printables that I like online and then download them into my document files until I'm ready to use them.  Just print them out on white card stock, trim to size and tah-dah!  I have lots of ideas on my "Inspiration" board on Pinterest too!
I hope I've inspired you to make an accent wall in your bedroom just in time for Valentine's Day.  It was pretty fun creating this one for our bedroom.

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. Very clever and a great way to decorate right over an existing unused light swith! Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle

  2. So very cute and a great idea! I love your creativity! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate It!

  3. Such a cute and clever way to cover that unused light! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks so very much Jelica, much appreciated! :)


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