Sunday, October 15, 2017

Corner Cabinet to Cat Condo

Just in case you don't follow me on Instagram (you really should, lol...ddcamp170), we took over Hometalk's Insta Stories yesterday with this fun project.  If you hurry you can watch the whole story on Hometalk's Instagram before it expires this afternoon. 

I'm going to apologize ahead of time for the low quality pictures in this post.  I've discovered that it is very hard to Instagram a project on two accounts while all along trying to snap pictures and participate in the said project all at one time! Whew, its hard work yall!
Anyway, we started out with this old corner cabinet that we got several years ago.  Prior to yesterday I had removed the doors and primed the whole entire cabinet, then it just sat in the shop forever and collected dust.  I dusted it off then wiped it down with a damp cloth to make sure it was good and clean for its transformation.
We wanted to have a scratching/climbing pole on either side and also carpet the shelves for more comfort, so we purchased a remnant piece of carpet (6 x 12) and padding (4 x 3).  Total cost was $54.  We have lots of carpet left over to use on other projects if we need to. We got these at Lowe's.
For the climbing poles on each side, we used a 2 x 4 cut to fit the front of the cabinet and then we cut the top edges at a 45 degree angle for a smoother transition and a bit of interest.
We left just enough room for the carpet to fill in the gap.
Next, we covered each 2 x 4 with carpet.  We marked center with a pencil so e could make sure to line it up perfectly when adding the Liquid Nails that we adhered the carpet with.  We used a putty knife to apply the Liquid Nails over the board.

After applying a generous amount of liquid nails to just the front and sides (not the back), fold the carpet around the 2 x 4 and staple it down using a staple gun. Pull the carpet as tight as you can when stapling.

Attach the carpet covered 2 x 4s to the cabinet with long wood screws. We used three on each side.  It helps if you pre-drill your holes before you add the screws.
Next, we added one more piece of scrap wood to the edge of the trim on top.  We did this for added interest and because we plan on putting a bed up there for the cats.  We used long wood screws to adhere it and then filled in any cracks with caulk.
Now for the paint.  I just used some paint I had in our stash.  The gray color is called Thin Ice from Home Depot and the blue is the same chalk paint I used on my bedside table HERE.  I only used one coat of chalk paint because I liked the look it gave with a bit of the gray showing through.  Also, I was a bit messy doing this because I knew we would cover all my booboos with carpet next.
We used a piece of the padding to make ourselves a template and then cut the padding and carpet for each of the four shelves and the top.  Your padding pieces will be more of an exact fit, but be sure to cut you carpet longer so you will be able to wrap around the front shelf edge.
We covered each shelf with carpet and folded the carpet around the front of the shelf.  The above pictures are screen grabs from the video, so sorry for the hashtags on them.  For the middle and bottom shelf, it had a bigger/taller lip to cover and it just didn't look right to cover the whole thing, so we opted to just fold the carpet under to make it look nice and finished off.

First, place your carpet piece on the shelf the way it needs to rest and then fold the front edge under.  Now reach to the corner and fold it back toward you.  Hold the front edge in place and staple near the edge all the way across.  Lastly, fold  the carpet back in to the corner and secure with a few (we used three per shelf) small wood screws in the corner and along each side.
Next we brought the condo inside the house and attached it to the wall with some long lag screws.  We wanted to ensure that the cats would be safe and not topple over or be in danger of this large shelf falling on them.
So far Hazel is the only one brave enough to check it out but since then no one has played on it.  I think maybe it has to do with the paint and new carpet smells, but I'm not sure.  Maybe they'll come around soon.....I hope!

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. i love your idea, here, and hope the kitties get interested. i think maybe it's because the shelves are so on top of each other that it's hard to actually jump from one to another?? we want to diy a kitty tower, and i wasn't sure if we should use carpet or the back side of the carpet for them to scratch easier, but then i fear their nails getting stuck in it.

    1. Hi there! THANK YOU! Yes, I believe you are right! We are planning to add some shelves to the wall so that they will be able to go up and down easier.

    2. The smell of the new carpet and glue is probably what they don't like. May I suggest you take some catnip and sprinkle it on all carpet areas. Then rub it into the carpet so you bury it. The cats will smell it and it will invite them to inspect this shelving and probably use it after that. You can vacuum the carpet areas, and add new catnip when the smell goes away.

    3. Hi Chrissy! Thank you and yes we tried that, but I think that the "new" smell was just too over powering and off putting to them at first. They all now play on it and love it though! :)


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