Sunday, December 23, 2012

Picture Frame Pine Cone Wreath

My Mama recently sent a basket of pine cones home with me that my brother and I picked up on a family vacation oh about 30 years ago and I wanted to create something with them for her so she could enjoy them for many years to come. Here's what I came up with!
Of course I searched Pinterest, its my go to for inspiration these days, and I saw many different ideas.  The ones that caught my eye the most were the picture framed shaped wreaths. So different from the everyday round wreath.   
I have a stash of old picture frames...crazy huh?  I picked out one I thought would work and then I laid the pine cones around to see if it would be the right size and YES! I think so.
Then I started gluing the pine cones to the frame until I got all the way around and then I went back and filled in the gaps to make it look fuller. WARNING! I burnt my finger with hot glue really bad while making this wreath, so please be very careful while using your glue gun! I thought about adding a picture of my damaged finger to this post, but its much too graphic for some to see...just believe me when I say BE CAREFUL!
This is how it all looked when I finished adding all the pine cones to the frame.  I love how some of the pine cones still have their little stems on.  30 year old pine cones are delicate, so its amazing the little stems made it!
Lastly I added some ribbon to hang it with and then added some smaller version of the same ribbon to hang the last of the pine cones from the inside center of the frame.  I used every last pine cone that Mama saved from our trip from so many years ago.  The only one that is not OLD, it this very bottom pine cone (blurry, sorry) and it came from Mama's yard from last years crop.
Here it is, all 30 years of it! LOL!  It now lives at Mama's house on her front door.  Although it was a Christmas present, I wanted her to have it early so she could enjoy it longer this year.  She loves it!

Mama and I were thinking it needs some type of preservative on the pine cones since they are so old and delicate.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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