Sunday, October 21, 2012

3 Tiered Clothespin Chandelier

In case you're new to our blog, we are doing a total wall to wall, ceiling to floor remodel of our laundry room.

We had to relocate the light and we wanted a really neat light in the room so we started thinking and I remembered that Young House Love made their own clothespin light for their laundry room and I knew I had pinned some different ideas on Pinterest, so off I went to get the details.
First we scanned Pinterest for more ideas and that's when my honey found THIS ONE.  We loved it so we made it.  If you visit their site, you'll notice there are no instructions. We improvised and came up with our own idea to create one that resembled theirs.
You will need:

One tomato cage 32" x 12" - $2.00
One pendant light kit - $18.00
One large stove top drip pan - $1.25
LOTS of clothespins (we used 192 pins) - $1.50 per pkg of 50
Spray paint to match your light kit - $5.00  (not shown)

Total project cost: $32.25 
It cost us $24.00 because we already had the tomato cage, drip pan and paint.
First you will cut down the tomato cage using the 3 largest rings.  We spaced each ring 3 1/4" apart.  The largest ring needs to keep the long side supports attached facing upwards.  The middle ring doesn't have any side supports on it at all so we secured it on with zip ties.  The smallest ring keeps the long side supports the full length as well so you can attach your drip pan.  Place the smallest ring on the assembly with the long wires pointing toward the largest.
I know this is hard to understand but maybe by seeing the pictures you can figure it out.  If you need to, just ask us questions, please don't be shy!  Now try on the light kit to the drip pan.  Ours fit perfectly!  Woohoo!
That little white piece holds everything snug and tight together.  Who'da thought you could make a chandelier with a stove top drip pan and a tomato cage! Ha!
I painted the entire thing using the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze paint.  Ya gotta have everything matchy matchy ya know! Heehee! Next, wire it in to your outlet and attach the light kit securely.
Lastly you attach 192 clothespins to the tomato cage wires and tah dah! You now have a very awesome conversation piece hanging in your laundry room!

Want more clothespin ideas? Click below:

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. Love it- so well done. The materials- who would have guessed? A tomato cage and stove top drip pan? Genius.

  2. Very clever! I am looking for some fun crafts to feature on my web site soon...would love for you to submit your project!

    Susan @ Oh My! Creative

  3. This is unbelievably cool! I am so amazed at the clever diy's out there ( I just paint furniture lol )
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you follow back when you have the time!

  4. Such a fun idea. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party.

  5. You did a great job! One of these would definitely be fun for our back hall/laundry area!

  6. What a creative idea!!! Love this. Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation. I am going to be featuring your light fixture tonight on my blog!

  7. I followed your link from your clothes pin Christmas tree. This is beautiful and I have to say I like it better than the inspiration one made by Young House Love. Definitely pinning and trying this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm going to brainstorm other materials to use for other rooms. I love this!

  9. Very creative, love, love, love it!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. How did u space the rings? Aren't they attached already?

    1. Hi there! It's a tomato cage like you use in the garden. Yes, they come like that. :)

  11. Super cute! Does it put off enough light to see well?

  12. Super cute! Does it give off enough light to see well?

    1. Thank you so much! The bulb we used is more decorative than anything. My husband installed an under the cabinet light for the important folding area if that tells you anything. lol! :)


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