Sunday, July 17, 2011

Master Bathroom Vanity Part 4

 Happy Sunday!
This will be the final post for our Master Bathroom Vanity re-do.....I think! lol!  I know you must be tired of seeing only the master bathroom, I'm almost tired of posting about it!

Anyway, on to the tiled back splash.  It truly made all the difference in the look of the vanity.  Neither one of us has ever installed a back splash, so the challenge was on!  My honey jumped right in and finished the project like a pro!
First we covered our lovely vanity top so it wouldn't get ruined.  Then we measured, measured and cut the tile pieces. {Remember! Always measure twice and cut once!}
 Next the thin set mortar in gray was applied to the wall with a notched wall trowel.
Then we placed all the pre-measured, pre-cut pieces on the wall and inserted the spacers.  Oh, I forgot to say that the natural stone tiles we used came in large squares with a mesh webbing on the back, and it was really easy to cut to size and handle without much worry.
Next we applied the grout.  We used a pre-mixed grout in the color of Alabaster.  It matched our stones perfectly!  To insure all cracks were covered, we used our fingers at the end to get into all the small spaces.
Then with a damp sponge we wiped off all the excess and made sure we didn't miss any spots.
After 24 hours {probably more, cuz we were doing all this after we got home from work each day} we stripped away the protective coverings from the vanities and cleaned up a little.
We love how it turned out and I think we did a really good job for rookies!  One thing is for sure, we wont be so nervous for the next bathroom and the kitchen!
Here you can still see where the mortar and grout kinda made a mess of the painted area above the back splash.  I did some touch up painting and then we made frames for our builder installed mirrors.  The mirrors originally hung the other direction, but I felt they looked better in the space hung long ways.
I think the only thing I didn't show you was the actual painting of the cabinet itself, but We will go over all that some other day.  We have lots of cabinets to paint in Clover House.....lots!  I will say though, that we replaced the hinges and knobs to the oiled bronze color to match all the other items in the bathroom.

We still need to re-do the floors and change out the "lovely blue" toilet in here, but for now we have two functional and BEAUTIFUL new vanities that we love!

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. Oh deedee this is gorgeous girl and thanks all the detailed picks. Hugs

  2. Amazing! I love the whole look of this. What a great outcome. Your house is going to be a show piece kiddo! Love this. Best, Curt

  3. I'm slightly dying because I love this! It is looking so fabulous! Thanks so much for linking this up to my {re}create into something new blog party! It looks so great! I hope to see you again this week for some more {re}creations!

    Kaitlin--The Not So Simple Housewife

  4. Love this, it's fabulous!!! Found you at better after :)

  5. I love it!!! So creative and amazing! What a difference!


  6. I would never in a bazillion years be brave enough to try this. Great job!

  7. This looks so great! HOW on earth did you guys take the old top off without wrecking the vanity? This is exactly what I'd like to do: Save the cabinet, replace the top. Yours turned out incredible! Thanks for sharing--ann at

  8. Oh wow I love this! It's perfect inspiration for our future bathroom reno. Where is the sink from?

    Seriously, this is perfect how you did it all. Amazing!

  9. Looks amazing. Since you've had this for about a year now, how has it held up? Is it easy to clean and do the cracks ever pose a problem? I'm looking into this for my guest and master bath. Thanks!!


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