Sunday, May 22, 2011

Master Closet Makeover

{Before all the fresh paint}
 Happy Sunday!
We've actually completed one more project.....well almost!  I will warn you now, if you are faint of heart or have a tendency to scare easily, you may want to turn back now! WARNING: Scary blue swirly carpet to follow! heehee! It will be a while before we can replace the hideous 80s carpet!

The top picture is one we snapped while touring the house the first time we visited it...excuse the blurriness!  The shelving units were unfinished, the walls were scuffed and dirty and there was PVC pipe being used as a hang bar.
{Shelving Units got a fresh coat of paint}
My honey painted the shelving units the same color we used on the walls, the color is called Thin Ice. It's a very light shade of gray and I love it!  The closet is just off the master bathroom and it originally had collapsing doors, but they were really just worn out and in the way, so we removed them and saved the doors for another project for another day!
{Just add "stuff"}
 After all the painting was done and the shelving units got moved back in, we literally pretty much just threw our stuff in and left it.  We worked out of the closet looking like this for about 3 weeks until I couldn't stand it any longer!  You can see how my suitcase was just sitting there full of clothes, which made it very hard to find anything I was looking for. And then there were shoes everywhere in the floor just getting in the way. What a mess!
{Aaahh, that's better}
This is what we ended up with after we added little canvas bins and shoe racks for organization.  Both the bins and shoe racks are from very inexpensive in the way of organization.  Some day maybe we will have built in shoe storage, but for now this will work for us just fine!

I hope your stomach is not being turned by our lovely swirly blue carpet.  I did however warn you to turn back.....remember?  lol!  At least its still in good shape and not all worn or stained up.....just UGLY! Well the master closet re-do is one more project we can mark off our list.  We only have about a gazillion more to do around here...but that's what's gonna keep this blog going huh? :)

Thanks for swinging by to see us today, have a lovely day! :)

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. i like i like......i need to get some type of closet system...hugs

  2. Can you come do mine, now? Please, pretty please? WOW, that is some carpet. Looks like a moonscape or something. LOL


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