Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fancy Frame Chalkboard

{BEFORE frame}
 Happy Sunday!
Well, how's your Memorial Day weekend going? Ours is busy, we are remodeling the master bathroom! We were originally going to re-do the laundry room, but our plans got changed when a water line in the master decided to go all leaky on us!  It's a booger bear of a project, but we will be living in luxury when its done! heehee

Today I wanted to share one of my bargain finds (I love bargains) that I turned into some FUN!  One day on my merry way to get my fingers and toes done, I spotted a little sale on the side of the road. Well, at the time I was running ever so slightly late, so I couldn't stop! But I made sure to make time on the way back!  I ended up coming home with the back of my Expedition full! Heehee! Hey, it was bargains....I can't pass up bargains! So any guesses on what I paid for my fancy gold frame? Ding, ding, ding! You're the winner! $2, can you believe it? $2 Cool huh?
{Valspar spray paint}
I started with some primer and paint.  I chose Valspar white primer and Royal Garnet for my color.  I read lots and lots on painting projects and its always better to primer before you paint for the best end results.
{Primered frame}
 Here's the frame all primed up.....just look at those corners!  That's what I was drawn to were those lovely corners.
{Close up of the corner}
 Here's a not so perfectly focused shot of the corner, but I think you can tell the details and how beautiful they are.
{Board before chalk paint}
 I'm not sure what this board is called, but it's like peg board without the holes.  It comes in a pretty good sized sheet and I got it at Lowe's, then cut it down to size to fit my frame.
{Board with chalk paint applied}

I applied two coats of chalk board paint.  For first coat I let dry until the shine went away and then added the second coat and let it dry over night.
{Frame with Color}
I sprayed the color on and found that it was a lot harder to get a good coverage than with the primer.  I used three coats, letting each one dry about 15 minutes in between.
{AFTER frame}
Well, here it is! Whatcha think?  I love how it turned out and can't wait to get my kitchen done so I can use it.  That's gonna be a while though!
{One more corner close up}
One more close up of the yummy corner. I'm pretty sure these corners are glued on after the frame was made, but the frame just wouldn't be as lovely without them!
{Just add CHALK!}
Of course I had to run to WalMart and get some chalk to write on it with.  Now, I'm not an artist nor have I worked as "Chili's Chalk Artist", but I guess its pretty good for my first try! heehee!

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. i love love love this project....awesome..

  2. OOh looks great DeeDee! so funny that I almost bought some chalkboard paint at J's the other day and then put it back. Shouldn't have. This is just darling! xxD


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