Sunday, December 2, 2018

Farmhouse Inspired Frame with Free Print

There's something about a big chunky frame with ornate decorations that always catches my eye.  This one was no different the day I was rummaging through a box of frames at a little thrift shop.  I grabbed it because it was only $2.
I love going to Pinterest and finding free printables.  I normally save them to the board they pertain to, but mostly I use my Generously Free board to hold the freebies.  I have so many prints saved and if I need one I just go find it, print it and frame it. There are so many talented people out there!  Click right here to find this print.  Thank you so much Diana! :)
This is how the frame looked when I brought it home.  It's gold and I like gold frames, but I wanted this one to be more of a white color for what I was going to use it for.  I grabbed a bright white paint and an off white paint with my brush and mixed up some chalk paint.  Get the details on that recipe right here.
I carefully removed the glass, cleaned it and set it aside for later.
I always like to use a paper plate for making my mixture of chalk paint, it makes it for the easiest of clean up.  I wanted to distress the frame and let the gold show through just a little bit for the end result, so I used a dry brush method to paint the frame.  That means using very little paint on the brush and spreading it pretty thin all over the surface.
This is just one light coat.  You can still see some of the gold as it is, but I wanted to help it show through a little more.
Before the paint was completely dry, I grabbed a dry paper towel and rubbed pretty firmly on certain spots, especially the ornate pieces to help the gold show through a bit.
To me it makes it look worn and used, or well loved.  I call it a farmhouse look which is the look I love to decorate with in our home.
So, shop your thrift stores and use your imagination and before long you have lots of inexpensive decor for your home.
What have you thrifted lately?  I'm on a roll with lots of Christmas goodies right now, but on the normal I'm always looking for something to re-purpose. :)

Want to see another one of my thrift store finds?

Jello Mold Pumpkin

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!
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  1. very cool i went to the site but could not quite figure out how to download the file

  2. Thank you so much! If you follow her directions she will send you the link to get it. :)


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