Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our "New-To-Us" Camper Repairs

Remember HERE and HERE when we remodeled our little popup camper?  Well, we upgraded to a 2005 Fleetwood Terry 27 foot camper and lets just say that it needed a little TLC after sitting unused for about 2 1/2 years.
There she is on the left, our new toy.  Our little popup camper, on the right, has already found a new home, a first time popup owner!  I snapped this picture on the day we transferred all our camping gear from old to new.  There are lots of little things to do to the new one, so it will be a while before she's just the way we want her.  We've already started fixing things here and there.
First off, one of the back end jacks had been damaged and needed to be replaced.
Quick work for my handy man honey!  He went ahead installed two new jacks on the back end simply because they came in a pair when we bought them. Very nice work honey!
Inside the camper I got to work cleaning and spiffing things up.  The previous owner left some type of frozen something in the freezer (from over 2 years ago) and oh em gee it smelled disgusting!  I cleaned it really good with windex with vinegar, but it still smelled really bad in there.  I placed a box of soda inside with the door shut to see if that did not!  Now I have it propped open to try and see if that will work. So gross, that smell!  Any ideas?
This is the freezer, where the stinky crime happened.  The finish on the bottom did not fair too well.  My Daddy gave me some appliance repair paint to help stop the breakdown.  I'm hoping it works.
The ceiling near the air conditioning vent was a bit dirty with a really fine black dust, so I sprayed it down with windex and made it all sparkly white again.  I also wiped down the vent itself and cleaned the filter while I was at it.  I simply vacuumed it clean with our little shop vac.
This was happening in a few places throughout the camper.  This is over the stove, so maybe the steam from cooking helped it along, but I'm not sure what the other spots excuses where.
This area in the kitchen had all turned a green color.  They used to be brown to match the rest, but now, not so much!
Long story short, I pulled all of the border paper off and used goo gone to clean off the adhesive left behind...very sticky adhesive.  I'm still working on that project, but boy does this stuff work well on it!
On the outside again my honey got to work with the pressure washer cleaning the whole camper so it would be pretty for our maiden voyage coming up in oh about 2 weeks! Woohoo!
This man is detailed I'm telling you!  Who would ever see the top of the camper?  Oh but it needed it so he could seal all the seams and around everything on the roof to prevent leaks.  He used Dicor Rubber Roof Lap Sealant in white It's specially made for RVs.
Um eeeew!  That's a lot of grime on there huh?  Not anymore!  He made it look like new again!  He used marine and RV concentrate soap from Lowe's along with the pressure washer to make it look new again.
Back inside, but time for my honey's skills.  The kitchen faucet leaked really bad when turned on, so he replaced it with a nice new one we picked up at Lowe's.  He had to drill a hole for the sprayer because this faucet was a bit different installation than the original one.  He used a small hole saw to drill the hole and then I used the shop vac to clean up the mess.  Easy!
So very nice now and guess what? No more leaks!  You know, its almost like home in there now!  Thank you honey!  Well, that's all I have for you this time, but stay tuned for more camper updates coming soon!  We are trying our best to bring our new toy into the year 2014. Lots to do!

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. How much fun you're going to have in your new RV. BIG FUN
    Thanks for the little tip on the soap from Lowes. When the weather warms up we need to scrub our RV too. Love your new kitchen faucet!!
    Not sure what will make the stinky smell come out of the freezer have to google that.. lol
    Have Fun!
    Linda C in Seattle

  2. HI. Just read a post where someone sprayed vodka on musty couch cushions. Maybe the same idea would work in the freezer? Or how about a combination of water, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Read a different blog using that mixture for removing blood from fabric. Recipe was 1/2 portion water to 1 portion each of baking soda and the peroxide. Maybe it would work on bad smells? Good luck!!♥♫

    1. Dilute essential oil in the vodka. Tea tree oil is natural antimacrobial and I think rodents hate the smell because in 2 winters we haven’t had a problem. The vodka evaporated leaving tiny droplets of the oil behind. Strong smell that my pets didn’t like but airs out fairly quickly and not harmful.

  3. Oh I love it. We sold our motorhome a few years ago, sure wish we had another. Maybe it's time to look for one. Yours looks fabulous, what a great find and you guys are making it look like new. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. Good luck & have fun! When I used Goo Gone on our camper it took the finish off the wallpaper. Which lead to painting the place. But it was so fun to decorate. You can see our updates here

  5. Jealous! We want a camper. We have a small sailboat and take it out a lot during the Summer, and a Camper would be awesome. Yours is really nice, and a good size. I would love for you to share at Bacon Time, if you haven't already. The party just started.

  6. I'll look forward to your camper updates!! We are seasonal campers and love living out of our trailer all summer long! Although our trailer is fairly new (this will be our 4th season - it was new when we bought it)....I am pinning all your updates so that when the time comes, we'll have your suggestions handy!!

  7. I'll look forward to your camper updates! We graduated from Pop Up to travel trailer in 2009. We are seasonal campers and this is our 4th year in our trailer (new when we bought it). I'm pinning all your suggestions so that when the time comes I'll have something to refer to! Happy Camping!!!


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