Sunday, March 16, 2014

An Easy Fun Rag Shamrock Decoration

I'm cutting it really close, but I have one more St. Patrick's Day craft to show you.  While perusing Pinterest, I've seen several different crafts using a wire hanger formed into some fun shape and I wanted to try my hand at it too!  My honey wears a uniform every day so we have loads of wire hangers, large shirt hangers and smaller pants hangers.
I had lots of scrap fabric from way back when I worked at a Vet's office and made the bandanas for all the groomed babies.  If you don't have lots of fabric scraps, I found a cute stack right here for you.  Anywho...lots of fabric and lots of hangers equals a fun rag shamrock.
My honey's strong hands bent and shaped the hangers into the shamrock shape.  He just looked at one of the shamrocks on a piece of the fabric and tah dah, its a shamrock! My honey is the best!
To be honest with you, I didn't even try to make the shape.  I left it all to him and his handiness!  I'm pretty sure he just did it because he was tired of me asking him if he could shape this hanger like a shamrock! LOL!
You will need your shamrock shaped hangers, several different green fabrics and some scissors to make your own rag shamrock.
I took my fabric and snipped several sections along one edge and then ripped them off to make my rag strips.  This big ole pile wasn't even enough to finish both shamrocks, so make LOTS!
Step 1: Fold your rag strip in half with the ends in one hand and the loop in the other.  Place it under your wire like so.
Step 2: Push the ends through the loop.  You basically just switch ends in your hands.
Step 3: While holding your wire, pull the ends until the rag strip is tight on the wire, then push it over and keep going.
Lastly I wrapped the "stem" with a piece of fabric just so it matched the rest of it.  This is the smallest one made with the pants hanger.  I think it turned out the best.  It's going in our camper for a little cute St. Patty's Day decor.
Here's the larger of the two.  I had to trim it a little with my scissors to give it a better shape.  I made the strips way too long on this one.  It's staying in our room to add a little green fun in there.
This is another fun craft that you can just sit and watch TV while you put it together.  Easy and cheap, you cant beat that!  We are off camping this weekend so stay tuned for more camper FUN!  Happy St. Patrick's Day a day early! Don't forget to wear green tomorrow!

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It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. I love this! I have done a rag wreath, but the idea of changing it into a shamrock shape is genius!

  2. Love the Shamrock made out of the hanger. Pinned. Vising from Inspiration Mon. linkup.

  3. DeeDee, I love these wreaths because their easy to make and you can use left over scraps of fabric (which is certainly my favorite thing to do). They certainly turned out cute. (Sharon)

    Thanks for sharing your wreaths on #simplybebetsy... Sharon and Denise


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