Sunday, November 13, 2011

Clover House and Easy Canvas Prints

Happy Sunday!

Have you heard of Easy Canvas Prints?  Yes, No...Maybe so? Well, those fine folks contacted me and asked if I'd be interesting in trying one of their canvas prints and writing a review about them.  Of course I said YES!  I already had today's project in mind so we made a print to go on our collage wall.  More about that further down in the post.

I worked on our wall collage project several weeks back, but I'm just now getting the chance to post it. I'm still not completely satisfied with the whole design, but I love the idea and the color!
I love to scan through Pinterest and there are a million and one ideas for collage walls, this is where I got my inspiration for our wall collage.
This is a very picture heavy post, but stay with me, I just wanted to show you the process I took to create our wall collage.
First I gathered several frames and mirrors I've been collecting from yard sales, auctions and thrift shops and arranged them how I thought I wanted them to look on the wall.
Then I grabbed my spray paint.  I used Valspar white primer and Rustoleum's Fern Green for my color of choice. Yeah, I said green....who knew it would jump out at me when I went paint shopping!  {FYI, I used a can and a half of the green paint.}
I removed the mirrors and glass and cleaned each frame really well. {Another FYI, be careful with the mirrors, they WILL cut you! Yikes! Ouch!}
I primed first. Just enough to cover with one good even coat. Let dry for the time directed on the spray can.
Then I added the color! WOW! Isn't it beautiful and bright?  I knew then this collage would add some color to our pretty much all white living room.
Here's all my pieces drying under the ceiling fan. I wanted to make sure they weren't tacky when I started handling them all for reassembly.
Ok, remember I spoke about Easy Canvas Prints at the top of the post?  This is our canvas print.  We found the saying on Pinterest HERE.  Then I created our print in Photoshop.  See how the upper right corner says "Auction Sale"...we love auctions, so when I saw this old ledger paper from Raspberry Road Designs, I knew I needed to use it for our print.
I added the vinyl hearts as an after thought when I was "framing" the print.  I wish I would have thought of them while creating the image.  Our canvas is 11" x 14", but they have all sizes, even really big ones if your heart desires.  It was less than 2 weeks from the time I ordered our canvas till the time we received it. FAST service!  I would definitely use them again in the future!
That's all for today. We still have loads to do, just not the time to do it right now.  But sometime very soon it will all get back to normal.  Some other day I will tell you about the framed "art" in the upper left corner of our collage wall. Can you tell what it is?

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!
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  1. awe....i love it...hey i am almost done REPAINTING MY BEDROOM...can't wait to see your olive like color on your baseboard...hugs

  2. Wow! Cool collage wall. I love it... and does the art work look like paper roll flowers? Hmmm I wonder - can't wait to find out :)

    Love the canvas print and the back ground paper. Auctions are WONDERFUL! yes they are... lol


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