Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recycled Work Bench For The Shop

{Before the Organization}
 Happy Sunday!
I trust your week went well.  We only had a 4 day work week so it wasn't too bad I guess!  At least the weather is warm!
We have a 30 x 30 metal shop building and as you can see above it was a giant "catch all" for almost everything when we moved in.  It was very hard to find anything you needed, so my honey decided it was time for some organization!
{Empty Wooden Crate}
Recycling is best and cost saving, so he snagged a heavy duty wooden crate from work that was going in the dumpster anyway.  The idea of the work bench was in motion.
{Well look at that! It's A Work Bench!}
He went and bought a few 2 x 4s and some peg board from Lowe's, disassembled the crate and then started to create his work bench.
{Very simple Design}
 Here he's almost got it finished, just a few more braces to shore it up and we were ready to put it in its space.
{Peg Board for storage}
With all the tools and such, you gotta have an appointed place for them so you can find them easily when you need them!  Peg board is and inexpensive way to achieve that goal.
{Trim between work bench top and peg board}
We used a piece of trim that was left by the previous owners to finish off the "crack" in between the work bench top and the peg board.  This assures that nothing escapes behind the bench.
{Cutting the piece to finish off the top}
To make the whole thing look nice and finished, we decided that a board along the top of the peg board would be best.  It also acts as a way to secure the top to the back wall and also install some much needed lighting.
{Almost done!}
See doesn't that look better?   And now its more stable because it's secured to the wall and we now have a better place for lighting.
{Adding the measuring stick}
This strip of wood is to cover a crack in front of the work top and also to add a measuring tape to later.  It also acts as a stopping point for items that want to roll off the work top.
{Sanding it smooth}
The last step was to sand it smooth to insure no ones gets their clothing caught or gets a nasty splinter.  We left the work bench in its natural state just because we like the look of all the different woods.....Um no, that's not true.....we really did it because we didn't want to wait for paint to dry! lol!
{Fill'er Up!}
We've hung all the tools on the peg board and added some shelving units.  It's a work in progress.  We have rearranged a few times and added this and that, but soon we will get it just like we want it.  Boy have we used the bench a lot lately!  We both love it and love how everything is at arms reach, right were you need it.
{RECYCLED Organization}
         See the track lighting?  We got that at an auction for $5!  What a bargain huh?  We try and recycle when we can and using this crate was a perfect example of  "waste not want not"!  Who doesn't love to save money?  I know we certainly do every chance we get! :)

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!

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  1. You guys are really going to town! Look how organized it all is! WOW! xxD


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