Sunday, May 7, 2017

DIY Washtub Sink for the Shop

Our blog has been neglected lately and I apologize for that. I'm back at work now and since we've been back from being away for 6 months, we've been catching up on home stuff that is just not blog worthy and if it is, I have tried to capture it in pictures to share here at a later time.  This is one project that my honey did that I thought was pretty cool!  Good job honey!
He's always wanted a sink in the shop so that he'd have a place to wash his hands and other "too dirty" items to bring into the house. 
We already had this work bench in the shop.  My honey found it on 5 mile for $25.  No, it didn't come with a whole in it, but my honey beat me to taking a proper before picture of it before he cut the hole.  That's what happens when I'm running in and out and not "helping" Lol!
He was at Tractor Supply the other day and saw this small (17") galvanized washtub and thought he's give it a whirl.  Find tub HERE.
He used the tub to make the guide line for cutting the hole.  He then measured how far he wanted the tub to sit down in the hole and allowed for that by adding to the first circle he made.
I missed the actual hole cutting.  I was running in and out, remember? lol!  He sanded the top just to get it kind of smooth for the coating he was going to spray it with. The top was really rough due to the previous owner actually using it for a work bench.  Imagine that!
He used a truck bed liner in black to spray on the top to help protect the wood from water damage.  He sprayed on two even thin coats.
Then he decided he wanted a manly design on it so he grabbed a piece of expanded metal he had in his stash an placed it on top of the bench.
He used a blue metallic spray paint we had in our spray paint collection to lightly spray over top of the metal for this design.  Pretty cool huh?
Now, the faucet he totally installed while I was at work so I didn't get to see what he did.  He used copper pipe we already had from another project, but he did have to buy a few connections and a valve for the off and on of the water supply.  All supplies were from Lowe's.
He used a hole saw and cut a hole in the center of the tub for the drain, then installed the drain which we got at Lowe's.
I also did not get to see the drain pipes being install, so no pictures, but it was a kit he got at Lowe's.

Then he had to test it!  His water supply is simply a water hose running from the outside water faucet to a water hose fitting he installed under the bench with all the other plumbing fittings he used for the drainage.
He made a backsplash out of pallet wood and then used his torch to add the burned wood look to it.  Then he decorated it with some old license plates he had.  Now he has a place to wash his "too dirty for in the house" hands out in his shop! YAY!

It doesn't have to be done all at once.  It is a slow process in the works! C-ya next time!
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  1. This is great and they are so easy to clean. Wonder if you could hook one up to a hose?

    1. Hi Shanna, yes ours is hooked up to a regular garden water hose. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Very, very creative. Just love it. I love everything from the deal on the work bench, the super creative paint job to the very end with the pallet wood.

    My husband is slowly getting on the pallet wood band wagon.

    1. Thank you so much! We love working with fence pickets and pallet wood....FREE is always good huh?! lol!


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